The Baby Room

Self contained, the Baby Room provides a stimulating care setting for babies aged from 3 months up to approximately 18-20 months.

Prior to your child starting with us, weaning and sleep requirements are discussed in detail with parents as part of the induction with a daily chat to ensure that the needs of your baby are met. Parents are able to choose their child’s preferred milk formula. Nappies, liners, cream and wipes are provided and included in our baby room fees. Parents can also request a specific bottle/trainer cup that the baby is familiar with at home.

The Baby Room area is divided to make safe space available for both mobile and non-mobile babies. A separate sleep room adjoins the main area. Exciting and investigative toy-play form a large part of your baby’s day with encouragement and support from the knowledgeable and caring staff.

Sensory room

The Baby Unit now includes a sensory room especially planned by the baby unit team to enable the babies and young children to engage in a wide range of sensory activities.  This is particularly valuable to the babies during their settling period.

Moving to the toddler unit

After consultation with the parents, they will begin to ‘visit’ the Toddler Rooms. The Baby Room key team worker will help them settle with the Toddler team before the transition is complete. During this time, parents will be invited to tour the Toddler unit to meet the child’s transition key person and to familiarise themselves with the new environment.

Experienced and hands on.  We love caring for your children

Seasonal food is prepared in the nursery kitchen each day. Take a look at this weeks menu,