Preschool is located in the extended adjoining cottage. The open-plan arrangement allows children access to the available activities.

The 'Early Years Foundation Stage' promotes stimulating development opportunities so that we can monitor children's progress and achievements throughout their day with a balance of child-led and adult-led activities.

The conservatory offers free-flow to the outside play areas which extend to approximately ¾ acre of fenced land.

Learning Journeys

In pre-school the key person continues to complete the 'learning journeys' that are begun when the child commences at nursery. Parents are encouraged to contribute information from home to share experiences to include in their books. When the children leave, their learning journey books go with them to 'big school' as they continue with the Early Years Foundation Stage in their Reception year. Their books are a long-term tangible reflection of your child’s time at Abbotswood.

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Whether inside or out, Abbotswood has been caring for your children for over 20 years

Delicious meals are prepared each and every day for your children.  We have 3 main meals and 2 snack times.